Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Alumini Meet 2008

Hi All,
After ages managed to get Paul's collection so here are some pictures, Teddy etc please fill in the blanks.

Cedrics Offering to the Alumini

The President's Report

All eyes on reports

Secretary at his best

Work in Progress


By Laws

Self Appointed MC

Is Shiva cracking a Joke

Attention Wandering

Attendance Please

Next Generation Stanites

We age gracefully- The Young at Heart

Lights Please

1977 Batch

1975 Batch?

Dorai as usual Draws Attention

Sunu and CO

The Eye Stoppers..

The largest Representation- 1980 Batch- Numbers Matter

Sharing the Cake

Lalitha Virdi at her best...

Zane-Uttara ensures his face does not get smeared with icing..

Next Generation, "we come to see where our parents grew up"


Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Mr. Ian North in Australia

Ian North and son in Tamil Church, NSW, Australia

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