Saturday, August 22, 2009


Stanes celebrating 150 years

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Friday, August 21, 2009


Stanes celebrating 150 years

Mrs Samson, Mrs Daniel, Mrs Thangaraj, with Vidhiya and Lalita Virdi
Usha, Dorai and Vikram
Mr Benjamin, Vikram D, Dr Thangavelu, Vikram G A, John, Prakash
Steps that children have climbed for a century and more...
A pink shade of Datura sp, with a rear view of Stanes Block


Stanes celebrates 150 years

A misty morning in Coonoor, the bust of Sir Thomas Stanes unveiled by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, 14th August 2009
Viewing the unveiling from a vantage point
Llew taking charge, driving the horde of press photographers back to the press enclave as Kalam watches!
Abdul Kalam delivers an endearing, invigorating, awe-inspiring and yet-so-simple speech
Abdul Kalam enters the Hall, with Llew in matching suit and hair colour!


Stanes celebrates 150 years

Last minute touches! The picture of Thomas Stanes being relocated. Remember its usual place at the back wall?
Vikram H of 'Carving Stone' fame, Prakash
Minnie, Alice with Vikram D
Teddy holding fort. Joe to his left. A council member on the left of the picture
Sunny in a rare moment of low energy
Dorai at the front!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


150 Years of Stanes@ Coonoor

Arrival of the Chief Guest for Pictures
Mr Dawson, Mrs Dawson and Mrs Thangaraj

Dr Kalam's Address

At the Science Exhibition

The Alumini Lineup


150th Celebrations Stanes @ Coonoor

Paul ( 1977) with Llew
Dr Kalam with the Junior School

Dr Kalam with the Junior School

Dr Kalam with the Sub Junior School

Paul with the Graceful Ladies of the teaching Staff


150th More pictures

Dr Kalam with a teacher
Dr Kalam makes a point to the new generation

Signing the Book in the Exhibition

The Chief Guest with the Staff and some lucky students

They built our foundation -Mrs Thangaraj, Mrs Samson, Mrs Daniel with the new Generation staff and John


150th Anniversary- Salomi Xavier's set of pictures

Dr Kalam arriver for the group Photos
Awaiting the arrival of the Chief Guest

The Chief Guest's Address
Llew and the Chief Guest

Students line up awaiting the Chief Guest


Some 150th. anniversary pics.

Dr. Thangavelu, Mr. Benjamin snacking, Teddy and other distinguished alumni

Dr. Thangavelu, Vikram, Mani and other distinguished alumni with elite Coonoor cops

Sir Tom awaits unveiling in purdah

Sunday, August 09, 2009


150th. Anniversary Invitation

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Bust Installation - Sir Thomas Stanes

Here are some pics. of the bust installation at Stanes. Peter Greene

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