Saturday, April 29, 2006


Std. III 1960.

This picture comes to you from
Nanda Kumar through the good service of Linda.
Ist. Row Standing. Ramesh Yesudasan,------,Donald Meggi, Jerome Balraj,Narayanmurthy,Peter Godfry,Kasim,Richard Skully.Gerald John, Harichand,K.K.Rajan,Ranjan Chacko,Ravi Punch, Nanda Kumar.
Standing 2nd,Row.------,Krishnamurthy,-------,Sheik,------,-------,---------,--------,jennifer--------,hemavathy,Susheedi Pathodian,Pamala.
1st.Row sitting. Shanthi,Mercyb Samuel, Girija nagarajan, Usha,vijayalakshmi,Ms.Bernard,ms.kanaka,giegie George, Sara Bapet,--------,Fathima, Ingrid Skully.
2nd,row. sitting.
Ba;asubramaniam j.b.,Shanker,Eric Cornelius,---------,Hillary--------,Ralph,Pussy,P.G.Mathew,Gopinath.


Std 7 1964.

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First row Standing. Hillary Edwin,George David,Ragunath,Muthu Balakrishnan, Manuel Franklin,Unnikrishnan, Edward Peters, Nanda Kumar, K.ramu, P.G.Mathew.
Second row Standing. Naganand, Ramachandran,Alice Varghese, Phyllis Godfry, Chandra Balakrishnan.Dinesh.
Sitting Row 1. Shirley Figrado, Vimala, Janagi Bellan, Ms.Thomas, Indrani Bojjan, Sundari, Phoebi Victor.
Sitting row 2. Girija Nagarajan,Giegie George, Sunitha Lawai, Bhagirathy.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Coonoor Landmarks

Friday, April 21, 2006


George fished and hooked Macropolo.


Premila's trip to Dubai

Shiva, your pictures of the snow and mountains are heavenly but I'm kind of tired of snow and the cold weather here in Canada and want some heat in my old weary bones. Teddy, Yvonne, Peter, Sunu, Philip, Nathan, Usha, Jaya, Shirley, Lambert, Linda, Siva and Shiva. Forgive me if I missed anyone, it was not intentional. I really long for the warm sunshine and I thought it would be nice to share pictures of my hot trip to Dubai, especially the desert. I had a really good time. You will see that that old age has not slowed me down and I'm always up for a challenge. Still a dare devil and Tom boy that you knew me to be. Yvonne, Teddy, Nathan and Philip will most probably remember me that way. Enjoy!


Premila's trip to Dubai

Having a race to the top of the desert.


Burj Al Arab

Sorry this is not so clear but it is an absolute beauty. Posted by Picasa


One more in the desert

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Racing to the top..boy! was I beat when I finally made it?

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Check the bogs out in the middle of the desert with no doors

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Desert Safari

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Safari Desert Trip...Really scary stuff

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Learning to belly dance

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Taken at midnight. It's too hot to go out during the day.

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Glyn and Christina Netto in local dress in Dubai

Check this out guys...we can integrate really well and get lost in the crowd. I was dressed by an Arab guy. Loved the way he draped the clothes on without touching me. Posted by Picasa


Christina Premila's trip to Dubai

Loved the camel ride. This was taken in the middle of the night. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006


Some pictures of My Gulmarg Tenure


Slalom Competitions

The Victors atop Point 5770 Turtuk Sector July 1999 ( My colleague Shyamal Sinha was the leader)

With fellow instructors in Feb 2000

Friday, April 14, 2006


Manali Peak Pictures

The Summiteers

Wow the hot Chapatis the girls made

Summiteers Shitidhar Peak

A quick Shave in Camp 1

One of the many water falls This one is near Beas Kund the source of the Beas

Flowers on the way

The Girls with the Snow Man at Summit Camp

Makerbeh is the tallest peak, the one to the left is Manali Peak

Hi Here are some pictures of my Manali Peak Expedition, the one partially clouded is Manali Peak

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Memories of the Soviet Union - 3

My pretty K.G.B. body guards! Sorry, Iv'e forgotten their names!
Peter Greene

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