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Down the long Years- Stanes Alumni Meet- Chennai Chapter-21 March 2015

The Stanes Alumni Chennai Chapter meet on 21st March, 2015 at Quality Inn Sabari, 29 Thirumallai Pillai Road, T Nagar, Chennai - 600 017.
School days are something indelibly ingrained in the life of any individual. It is more so with Stanites, as Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Coonoor, beats the best of its kind. Having been out of school for decades, Stanites in Chennai decided to "go back to school". As the bell rang at 07.00 pm on 21st March 2015, Stanites from Class of 1973 to Class of 2004 assembled at Quality Inn Sabari and had a great time bringing back to life moments which have become glorious memories. Three and half hours flashed past as quick as lighining, during when total strangers became the best of friends, a bonding that only the spirit of Stanes can nurture. Though the real spirit of the moment of reunion and its purpose can never be authentically frozen in frames, these photos do provide, to a small extent, an understanding of what Stanes means to every Stanite - past, present or future. Stanes : Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite student community !
The man who made it all happen : George P George, thanks to you Jo for all your relentless efforts, thanks also to your comrade in arms, L S Ravi. Thanks to all who to took time to come over, some travelling from as far as 30 Kms. Not over yet when you are a Stanite, there is always anothe meet ! Nisi Dominus Frustra and may The Light House shine on and on.......

Kalyani at her boisterous best !!

The theme for the evening !

while the men make merry !!

A typical Stanes type group photo : feet to the ground and hand on your knees, the legacy carries on !!
— with George P George, Niranjala Rajan, Biju Thomas, Jawahar Govindan, Sheeba Christopher, Sumesh Kaypee, Melita Robinson and Niranjan Jessudasan.

Amused and bemused !!

Sanjeev, recalling his moment in Stanes !

For the herbivores....

David Antony enthralling his audience !

the ladies, far from what is cooking at home !

A moment of silence in remembrance of those who have gone to be with the Lord !!

Prem Kumar Munu, stealing his pound of flesh !

And the carnivores....

Culinary delights !

All listening to Melita, about what she had to say about her life at Stanes.

Singing the school song, note the high tech prompt in ever hand !

Rapt attention !!

The bond of Stanes : from a stranger to a friend


Narrating the woes of Tamil in an Anglo Indian School !!

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