Thursday, January 17, 2008


A break for refills

Teddy, Alice and Shiva in a quieter moment.



Watching Shiva

Daphne, Aparna, Immanuel and Susy soaking up the stories from the Indo-China border!



Army tales

Shiva inflicting the tales with a wave of his fingers. Catch the girls in rapt attention in the next picture!



All eyes on Teddy

Seated clockwise from the left Aparna (Immanuel's wife) Susy (John's wife) Daphne (John's niece, also Stanes) Sunu, John and the storyteller Teddy



This must be an easy guess

Where are we?


I was there

Guess where?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


One unchanging landmark on Mount Road

Signs of bad times - a part of the pork stall is now a scooter workshop


A golden member for AITUC


I was there

Guess where?


The full contingent

Philip Abraham at the deep end with John's and Sundar's families


Contentment at Lotus Club

Three Stanesmen - Sundar, Philip and John (with Sundar's little boy showing disinterest in alumni meets)


Largesse at Lotus

Philip Abraham and Sundar Daniel (batch of 1977) deeply upset about global warming

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