Sunday, September 23, 2007


The Wreckers have a go at Bedford Circle

The widening of Bedford circle, some familiar places lose their facade

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Saturday, September 15, 2007


class VIII 1973


Class IV 1973

Where is the younger bruther of yours?

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Class IV 1973

Tabitha, x, Johnson, Ravi - Kodandaraman's brother, x, Alister Rajan, Biju?, x, x, Ashok brother of Tanuja, x, x, Praveen Wilson, Jamila - her elder brother bade a memorable, emotional farewell to Stanes in the assembly on the occasion of his passing out of 10th.

Alister James, versatile athlete and later mainstay of the St. Joseph's team, I suspect he was detained for long only to ensure St. Josephs' supremacy; Philip Matthew? x, x, Chandrasekhar whose folks ran Madras Cafe at Bedford, Malcom Greig, x, Sammy, a formidable and reclusive character, x, x, Andrew, Saravanan of Typewriter Mart, x.

Suma Verghese, Sudha, Mercy Kalavathy, Anbumani Moses of Moses Cloth shop, Bedford, Denina Lambert, Malathy Kapoor, sister of Suman Kapoor, Mrs. Cornelius, Anupama Verma of Silk Farm, x, Grace Mary Mammen, x – ? daughter of Mr. Pattapa, Newspaper Agent, Ketaki Shah -Vidyuth’s sister, x, Sapna Shivdass of Wellington.

Glenville Greig?, Enoch Daniel, Cyril, Matthew, x, Vijayan, x, x, x, Pushparaj of Attadi.

Wonder where Dennis Lobo is and is the Tibetan Nyma Wangyal?

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Some of the 1964 teachers with Mr. Stevens

Mrs Cornelius, Mrs Mammen, Mr Frank Stevens, Blank , Blank


Mrs, Samson, Miss Kirpalini,blank Blank. Hope someone can the other teachers.




Mrs & Mr. Rajan


Mrs. & Mr Enwright


Tamil play

I have posted the 1971 staff photograph.

Players on stage:

Ramanathan, K K Rajan (Poet), Your's truly, Veeneeth Kumar, Eric , Basheer , Suresh




Stanes teachers 1971

Hi! every body,

It was good to see the pics of the alumni meet. Some old pics hope you enjoy them


The Alumini Meet

The President Reports
The secretary and Treasure Add Spice
Attendees all
Attendees all
Rendering the House Songs in Chorus



The Alumini Meet

Here are some more pictures, the reports would be available on the blog
Some Attendees
Teddy Reports
More reports
Michael Reports
Uttara To the Fore



Some Teachers and events of the weekend

Here we have some teachers
Mrs Daniel

Mrs Thomas with her husband, Mr Thomas now in Vellore

Carrots from Nilgiris

Stanes Contingent Marches by

Largest Batch Cuts the Cake

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